Denzel Washington And Scarlett Johansson Get Behind Soles4souls

Scarlett Johansson, Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington, el Jeff Fisher Albert Haynesworth Jim Belushi Amy Grant Rudy Giuliani list goes on.. You wouldn want to be a name-dropping contest with the founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, Wayne Elsey of Old Hickory.

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Hilton Buys London Property

K. Filming his reality T. An heiress PARIS HILTON has bought a luxury London home - just doors away from the pop star AMY WINEHOUSE, according to reports. 9 million ( ? 2 million) pad in the heart of the city fashionable area of Camden, after spending time in U. According to British tabloid the Sunday Mirror, Hilton plans to spend another $ 365,000 (250,000) improved property. Paris Hilton shows British Best Friend. The Los Angeles-based star bought the prestigious $ 2. V. Hilton can expect a number of celebrities close to his new address - Girls Aloud local residents include singer Sarah Harding, Blur rocker Graham Coxon And Winehouse.

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Janet Jackson Janet Jackson Cancels Japan Tour Due To Global Economic Crisis

The 42-year-old star has slowed down her Rock Witchu tour Japan next month due to the impact of economic crisis. R u0026amp B singer Janet Jackson referred the Japanese leg of his tour, with promoters blaming the global financial crisis. According to concert organizer Kyodo Yokohama Japan, the tour will be rescheduled for later this year.. The shows are scheduled between February 14 and 22 in Japan, reports Us Magazine.

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Ludacris Theater Of The Mind

All the songs on the album are the collaborations, and are not sure if thats Im an entirely good thing. Ziphezinhle Msimango. Ludacri is back with the content more explicit than ever. Its no wonder President Barack Obama has chosen to distance himself from the somewhat controversial rapper. Listen unquestioned, One More Drink contagious. But for the rest of us who dont mind a swear word here and there, this is a great album.

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Things Are Getting Fing Bad For Gordon Ramsay

Things arent going well for Gordon Ramsay lately, first had to struggle with the revelations of his affair and now is again in hot water. L Gordons last Great Wave of British Nightmare broke a new record, with Ramsay swearing 243 times and using the F-word 187 times in running for 103 minutes.. L scandal last is very familiar to Ramsay and focuses entirely on its use of the F word in his show.

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Should Nascar Rename Budweiser Shootout The Bailout Shootout

He gave the Bud Shootout 3 stars (although when migrate from print to Web, you get three stars). But thanks to a rule change by NASCAR, Saturday race will be based on the manufacturer teams that are seeded in 2008 by owner points. He is what Murschel wrote: Maybe you should name this year Budweiser Shootout Bailout Shootout. In the past, drivers who won poles in the past season have been allowed to drive in Shootout. Well, that what he suggests in his Matt Murschel Weekly Planner in Monday Orlando Sentinel.

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